Skookum JS

Skookum JS, or sjs for short, is a JavaScript runtime built on top of the Duktape engine. It provides a simple way to write applications using JavaScript with a traditional synchronous I/O model. It tries to minimize abstractions and give the developer as much control as possible over the platform and low level APIs.


git clone && cd sjs
make && make run


Compiling sjs is easy, the only dependency is the CMake build system.


For Debug builds (the default):


For Release builds:

make BUILDTYPE=Release

The installation prefix can be specified by setting PREFIX, it defaults to /usr/local.

make PREFIX=/usr


make install

By default sjs will be installed to the directory indicated by PREFIX (/usr/local by default) with the following structure:

  • PREFIX/bin: sjs binary
  • PREFIX/lib: libsjs library
  • PREFIX/lib/sjs/modules: modules

The destination of the files can be further altered by setting DESTDIR. This will be prepended to PREFIX. Confusing, I know.

make DESTDIR=/tmp/testsjs install

Run the test suite

make test

Run the CLI without installing

make run