• Small footprint
  • Ecmascript ES5/ES5.1 compliant
  • Some post-ES5 features
  • TypedArray and Buffer support
  • Built-in regular expression engine
  • Built-in Unicode support
  • Tail call support
  • Combined reference counting and mark-and-sweep garbage collection with finalization
  • CommonJS-based module loading system
  • Support for native modules written in C
  • Rich standard library
  • Binary name 25% shorter than Node

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Skookum JS gets most of its features through its engine: Duktape.

Post-ES5 features

Duktape (the JavaScript engine used by sjs) currently implements some post-ES5 features.

sjs expands on this by having babel-polyfill builtin.


Some of the polyfills depend on core dunctionality not currently present, such as setTimeout.