Skookum JS

Skookum JS, or sjs for short, is a JavaScript runtime built on top of the Duktape engine. It provides a simple way to write applications using JavaScript with a traditional synchronous I/O model. It tries to minimize abstractions and give the developer as much control as possible over the platform and low level APIs.


git clone
cd sjs


Compiling sjs is easy, the only dependency is the CMake build system.


For Debug builds (the default):


For Release builds:

make BUILDTYPE=Release

The installation prefix can be specified by setting PREFIX, it defaults to /usr/local.

make PREFIX=/usr


sjs consists of a single binary, so if all you care about is the CLI itself, you can copy it anywhere in your filesystem. The build system provides some standard way to do this:

make install

By default sjs will be installed to the directory indicated by PREFIX (/usr/local by default) with the following structure:

  • PREFIX/bin: sjs binary
  • PREFIX/lib: libsjs library

The destination of the files can be further altered by setting DESTDIR. This will be prepended to PREFIX. Confusing, I know.

make DESTDIR=/tmp/testsjs install

Run the test suite

make test

Run the CLI without installing